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DK7UY - History
Unlicensed Operation


This picture was taken at the age of 4 around 1966, showing evidence of my very first unlicensed operation :-)



My very first station setup as DD8IF (VHF/UHF only) in 1980: A 2m handheld and a modified CB AM/SSB rig 10m and an 5/8 wave CB-vertical antenna for SWL


1981: An Icom IC251E for 2m entered the shack and an Tonna 16El. Yagi emerged at the balcony.


1982: After upgrading my licence to DH1IAB (restricted to 80, 15, 10m and above) an Yaesu FT-8b became my first real HF rig.
The antenna system was upgraded a little bit too.


1983: The year I passed the final exam and got my DK7UY callsign.
Some new stuff came to my station desk as well: An Icom IC-740 for HF and a year later the SSB K2-800 144 MHz linear for some serious VHF operation.
Also an IC-202 and an IC-402 for UHF SSB/CW where purchased these days.

Portable operation


Together with DF8IN I was operating on 2m SSB for the first time (1981), but I had a Kenwood TW4000A VHF/UHF rig on my car since 1982.


I got the real VHF contest bug in 1982, so many portable activities followed in these days: Feldberg/Black forest, Wasserkuppe, Belchen and many other locations.


In 1983 I also became active on HF from the car with the FT-8b and a hustler mobile antenna.
This year also saw the first activity from a foreign country: I became EI2VLP from Ireland and F0HXO from France!


In 1985 I was QRV /M directly from the FRG/GDR border on HF, 50m ahead Y2 land began these days.
I'm VERY sure there are some nice pictures of this activity in the Stasi (GDR security service) archives :-)



1990: I moved to my new QTH in Speyer, right in the middle of the historic city center.
Antenna space was very limited, so I decided to build an tower for the FB-33 HF yagi and the VHF/UHF yagis.
None of my neighbours ever complained that the yagi was rotaiting over theire proberty, a big THANKS for that!


An Butternut HF9VX vertical and an X-500 for VHF/UHF completed the antenna setup.



Antenna system in 1997, the vertical at the right is a X-500 for 2m & 70cm

Another antenna view with 6m yagi added (2000)


The antenna party

Chranking up the tower

Installing the 70cm & 2m antennas

Setting up the Shortwave-Yagi

The shack at a VERY early stage

Where should all these cables go?

And finished at least (Late 1997)

The chief CW operator and some of his toys

Shortwave station (2000)

VHF/UHF station (2000)



Our new place to live in Ostenfeld, about 12km east of Husum in JO44OL.

The HF9VX multiband vertical for HF and the Diamond X-500 for VHF/UHF are up and running now since late June.
In September, a small 10m tower came up, supporting a Kelemen multiband-dipol for 40/60/80m.

HF9VX vertical for 10-80m

Small support tower (10m high) for the Kelemen dipol,
Diamond X500 for VHF/UHF in the background

HF antenna setup

The noicelevel on the bands is VERY low, 10m to 20m almost S1 up to S3/4 on the lowbands.
Feels like Ham's paradise to listen to the bands from a countryside compared to my former city QTH...

The shack of DK7UY, only the HF digimode station and VHF/UHF for local FM is up and running.


Some changes at the antenna system took place in 2021:

The 27 years old Diamond X-500 got damaged during a serve storm in March and was replaced by an X-30.

A new Spiderbeam mast 14,5m HD was installed supporting the following antennas:
Kelemen Dipol for 160m
Kelemen Dipol for 40/60/80m
Kelemen Dipol for 10/15/20m
Dipol for 30m (Will be replaced with Kelemen Dipol for 12/17/30m asap)

Spiderbeam Aluminium mast 14,5m HD, guyed at 3 levels, 4 directions
Already survived a first snowstorm at 04th April with very heavy winds, weather situation is different living at the coast...

Kelemen dipol antennas, 160m to 10m

View from beside the house

Some details from setting up the Spiderbeam mast

Unboxing the Spiderbeam Alu-mast and accessories, perfect delivery as usual

Safely packed...

...and unpacked

Spiderbeam mast with attached guy-plates

PVC-pipe, 90mm diameter with 4,1mm wall thicknes to be set in concrete

The 80mm base segment of the Spiderbeam mast fits exactly into the pipe

To be filled with concrete

After a week of drying, first test

Spiderbeam mast with attached guy-plates and wires

Attaching the 160m dipole to the mast

Tuning the 160m and 40/60/80m Kelemen dipoles at about 7m above ground
The SWR did not change much when elevating the mast to it's full length

Two of the total four guy points

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