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DK7UY - Equipment

HF / 6m


FB33 - Fritzel 3El. Yagi for 10/15/20m (1997)
UFB13 - Fritzel Rotary Dipol for 12/17/30m (1997)
HF2V - Butternut Vertical for 40/80/160m (1997)
5El. Tonna Yagi for 6m (2000)
Kelemen Trap-Dipole 40/60/80m (2018)
Dipol 17m (2018)



16El Yagi for 2m (1997)
21El Yagi for 70cm (1997)
X-500 for 2m & 70cm (1997)


Yaesu FT-920FM

Still the workhorse for HF/6m operation in my shack. I use the FT-920FM mostly for operating all PC-based modes like PSK, RTTY, MFSK16, JT65/9 and Hell, but also on CW and SSB. The radio is completely remote controlled by an Windows 7 PC running WSJT-X 1.7 and MixW 2.19 and the RigExpert interface. Homebuild interfaces and software controll the automatic antenna switching and rotating as well as switching On/Off of the power supplies. The PC itself can be started via Wake-On-Lan and is controlled with the Windows Remote-Desktop-Protocol (RDP). So at the moment I can operate the station in digital modes via LAN with Notebook, Tablet PC and even Smartphone. As I get a new Internet connection in January 2017 and a new router as well, there is a good chance to connect to the station from almost everywhere in the near future.


Kenwood TS-480SAT

Just purchased the TS-480SAT in Dezember 2016 as a replacement for the TS-450SAT which started to make some trouble with the receiver. I'll use the TS-480SAT mainly for portable operations when on holidays, but as it's equiped with 270Hz and 500Hz CW filters, it may become my main radio for the CW mode soon. There is no interface for the digital modes yet, but the cables for the RigExpert will be ready until the next /p operation ;-)


Kenwood TS-450SAT

An Oldie but Goldie, got this one in 1991 and this radio was operating from all continents exept South-America and Antarctica. So far a perfect trancveiver for DXpeditioning it started some trouble with the receiver during the last year. Will see if I can fix it as soon as I have the time to, but will keep it in the shack anyway as lot's of memories are connected with this radio.




I'm not very active on these bands anymore, so the TW-4000A and the TR-851E are more or less just used for local contacts. During UHF contests I try to give some points to the SSB guys as well.


Kenwood TL-922

The powerhouse, equipped with 2 Eimac 3/500Z tubes running the German legal limit of 750 watts output power in contest operation from 160 to 10m without getting really hot. It's also operating on the WARC bands without power reduction.


SSB K2-800

750W in SSB mode from a single 4CX350 tube on 144 MHz, another oldie but goldie.


ETM 8c / ETM 9c


My two electronic keys, both over 25 years old and still running perfect. The ETM 8C is modified with a Schurr Keyer, definitely the best I ever owned, the ETM 9c is still original.

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