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DK7UY - Projects

Vector-Antenna-Analyser, Kit by Funkamateur.de


For my next project, building high power traps for a 20/40/60/80m trap-dipole, I needed a good tool for measuring the resonance frequencies.
In the German "Funkamateur" I found an offer for a Vector-Antenna-Analyser kit with a reasonable price tag, which should do the job.
The kit comes with all SMD-stuff in place, so you have to solder one switch, the display sockets, three keys, two battery holders and the BNC-socket.
If you take your time, it will take less than 60 minutes to complete the kit following the step by step instruction manual.
Link to Funkamateur website


Unboxing the kit

Soldering ON/OFF switch

Installed display sokets

Keys in place


The display

Battery holders and display

First boot test

Kit fitted into box


It live's :-)



Messuring 60m dipol


Measurement examples of the HF-Antennas:


SWV 60m Dipole

SWV 160m HF2V

SWV 80m HF2V

SWV 40m HF2V


SWV HF2V 40/80/160m

SWV FB33 10/15/20m

SWV UFB13 12/17/30m

SWV 18m resonance at 18.387!


Eight channel remote relay card K8056 by Velleman


Building progress from soldering the smallest parts first until installing the relays last.


After doing some research I purchased two of these kits via Reichelt Electronics. The kits came with all parts complete and sorted.
There may be up to 255 boards with 8 relays each controlled by just ONE RS232 port, this should offer more than enough possibilities.
The building process was very straightforward and easily done within three hours of time for each kit. The step-by-step documentation is just perfect.
As the kit is designed to be run with 12V AC, I left the 1N4007 diodes D1-D4 out and included two wire bridges for D1 and D4 instead to run the boards direct from a 13,8V DC power supply.
Link to Velleman website


Soon to come.


Homebrew QRO-Antennaswitch


Rear view

Complete switch

Detail relais

Relais bank

Input/Tuner switch


- 1.5KW Switching on all HF bands + 50MHz using high current relays (HF92F-012D-2A, 12V DC, Switching 277V/30A/8310VA)
- Antenna 1 is default if no antenna is selected
- Possibility to switch Tuner in line
- Controlled by K8056 relay-card or manual antenna selection (Included in Powerswitch)
- Connected to Powerswitch control unit via simple 9-pair cable, only 13.8V on/off signals


Soon to come.


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