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DK7UY - History
Unlicensed Operation


This picture was taken at the age of 4 around 1966, showing evidence of my very first unlicensed operation :-)



My very first station setup as DD8IF (VHF/UHF only) in 1980: A 2m handheld and a modified CB AM/SSB rig 10m and an 5/8 wave CB-vertical antenna for SWL


1981: An Icom IC251E for 2m entered the shack and an Tonna 16El. Yagi emerged at the balcony.


1982: After upgrading my licence to DH1IAB (restricted to 80, 15, 10m and above) an Yaesu FT-8b became my first real HF rig.
The antenna system was upgraded a little bit too.


1983: The year I passed the final exam and got my DK7UY callsign.
Some new stuff came to my station desk as well: An Icom IC-740 for HF and a year later the SSB K2-800 144 MHz linear for some serious VHF operation.
Also an IC-202 and an IC-402 for UHF SSB/CW where purchased these days.

Portable operation


Together with DF8IN I was operating on 2m SSB for the first time (1981), but I had a Kenwood TW4000A VHF/UHF rig on my car since 1982.


I got the real VHF contest bug in 1982, so many portable activities followed in these days: Feldberg/Black forest, Wasserkuppe, Belchen and many other locations.


In 1983 I also became active on HF from the car with the FT-8b and a hustler mobile antenna.
This year also saw the first activity from a foreign country: I became EI2VLP from Ireland and F0HXO from France!


In 1985 I was QRV /M directly from the FRG/GDR border on HF, 50m ahead Y2 land began these days.
I'm VERY sure there are some nice pictures of this activity in the Stasi (GDR security service) archives :-)



1990: I moved to my new QTH in Speyer, right in the middle of the historic city center.
Antenna space was very limited, so I decided to build an tower for the FB-33 HF yagi and the VHF/UHF yagis.
None of my neighbours ever complained that the yagi was rotaiting over theire proberty, a big THANKS for that!


An Butternut HF9VX vertical and an X-500 for VHF/UHF completed the antenna setup.



Antenna system in 1997, the vertical at the right is a X-500 for 2m & 70cm

Another antenna view with 6m yagi added (2000)


The antenna party

Chranking up the tower

Installing the 70cm & 2m antennas

Setting up the Shortwave-Yagi

The shack at a VERY early stage

Where should all these cables go?

And finished at least (Late 1997)

The chief CW operator and some of his toys

Shortwave station (2000)

VHF/UHF station (2000)

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