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DK7UY - Software
Digital Modes

MixW 2.19


Supported Modes: RTTY, PSK31, PSK63, PSK125, Hell, Olivia, Contestia and others.
The Swiss-Army-Knife of Multimode-Software, written and supported by Nick (UT2UZ) and Dennis (UU9JDR).
I use MixW since 1998 Version 1.45 for Windows emerged.
Link to MIXW website


JTDX 18.0.0


Supported Modes: JT65, JT9, T10 and WSPR2.
Based on WSJT-X Igor (UA3DJY) and his international development group created this great piece of software, introducing T10 mode with version 17.8.0
T10 has less bandwith as JT65, but is much more robust against QRM. JT65 and JT9 code are both reworked and are much better decoding than the original. Filters and hinted decoding are added for all modes.
I was able to decode 5 (five) stations calling me at the same time, same frequency where the strongest was -1db and the weakest -27db, so I give a big thumbs up for pileup compatibility!
Link to JTDX website


WSJT-X 1.8.0


Supported Modes: FT8, JT65, JT9, JT4, QRA64, ISCAT, MSK144, and WSPR.
Developed in 2001 by Joe (K1JT), original for EME weak signal decoding, JT65 and JT9 were widely used on the HF bands too. In 2017 with version 1.8-0-RC1 FT8 as a fast mode with only 15 seconds per over was introduced.
FT8 was worldwide accepted by the users within days, even it has some serious disadvantages against JT65/JT9 used in JTDX.
- Minimum signal -20db, the lowest signal I decoded until now had -19db but the QSO had so much repeats it took longer than a typical JT65 QSO...
- No multisignal decoding, so more than one station answering a CQ means no decoding.
- Rapid QSB conditions may result in no decoding too.
Link to WSJT-X website

Remote Control



Remote control of the power and antenna switches, decoding band information of Yaesu FT-920.
Written in Borland C++ language by myself.




Remote Audio Server (VoIP) for running CW and SSB remote by DF3CB
Link to RemAud website




Supported Modes: Scotty,
Link to ChromaPix website

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