DK7UY - History

Inv. V Dipol for 60m (not visible, added 2016)
FB33 - 3El. Yagi for 10/15/20m
UFB13 - Rotary Dipol for 12/17/30m
5El. Yagi for 6m (added 2000)
16El Yagi for 2m
21El Yagi for 70cm

Antenna system in 1997, the vertical at the right is a X-500 for 2m & 70cm

Another antenna view

HF2V Vertical for 40/80/160m

The antenna party

Chranking up the tower

Installing the 70cm & 2m antennas

Setting up the Shortwave-Yagi

The shack at a VERY early stage

Where should all these cables go?

And finished at least (Late 1997)

The chief CW operator and some of his toys

Shortwave station (2000)

VHF/UHF station (2000)

A picture from the early days in Römerberg (1980 to 1990)

To be continued ...

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