DK7UY - DXpeditions

N2IOE/6     USA
MHz CW SSB RTTY MFSK16 PSK31 PSK63 PSK125 JT65 JT9 T10 FT8 Hell SSTV FM Other Total
1.80 300000000000003
3.50 500000000000005
5.30 000000000000000
70 100000000000001
10.12 000000000000002
142 66000000000000068
180 000000000000000
211 14000000000000015
24.90 000000000000000
280 600000000000107
500 000000000000000
1440 000000000000000
4320 000000000000000
Total5 950000000000010101

What a difference after more than four weeks on remote islands!!
Highways, Interstates, Holywood Boolevard after some hours in LA we run away to Long Beach
which was a bit more quiet to spent our last few days of this trip.

Downtown LA

Our cottage in Long Beach

View of 'Queen Mary'

Radio room of 'Queen Mary'



Six weeks travelling, fligths once around the world, an experience I'll never will forget.

Takeoff in LAX

The final greeting to all Ham's who worked us during this trip

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