DK7UY - DXpeditions

9V1SC     Singapore
MHz CW SSB RTTY MFSK16 PSK31 PSK63 PSK125 JT65 JT9 T10 FT8 Hell SSTV FM Other Total
1.80 000000000000000
3.50 000000000000000
5.30 000000000000000
70 000000000000000
10.10 000000000000000
140 000000000000000
180 000000000000000
211 000000000000001
24.90 000000000000000
281 000000000000001
500 000000000000000
1440 000000000000000
4320 000000000000000
Total2 000000000000002

The first stopover for five days.
There was no real operating from 9V1, because we were busy purchasing two Kenwood TS440sat radios and powersupplies.
And of course some sightseeing including a trip by bus to Malaysia.

Just two of many shrines

Chines new year parade

Japanese gardens

Ham meeting at 9V1SC (Singapore Sience Center)
left: Hans, DF5UG middle: Bernhard, DL2GAC right: Wolfgang, DK7UY

The Busticket Singapore-Malacca

Streetmarket in Malaysia

Typical house in Malacca

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