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DK7UY - DXpeditions

3D2BW     Fiji Islands
MHz CW SSB RTTY MFSK16 PSK31 PSK63 PSK125 JT65 JT9 T10 FT8 Hell SSTV FM Other Total
1.80 000000000000000
3.520 3000000000000023
5.30 000000000000000
750 13000000000000063
10.10 000000000000000
1415 6660000000000000681
180 000000000000000
214 125000000000000001254
24.90 000000000000000
28149 56300000000000380750
500 000000000000000
1440 000000000000000
4320 000000000000000
Total238 2495000000000003802771

More than a week after we departed from Germany the fun started.
After some trouble with the imigration custums, they where concerned about our equipment, things went very smooth.
We got our licences handed over in Nandi and started operation from the Seashell Cove Resort right away.

The shack at the Seashell Cove Resort

Seafront view with HF6V Vertical

At work as 3D2BW

Around the beach

Just around the corner of our cottage

Mainstreet of Nandi, capital of the Fiji-Islands

  60m Review   About me  ǀ  Radio-Station  ǀ  DXpeditions  ǀ  QSL-Policy  ǀ  Imprint/Impressum