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DK7UY - DXpeditions

ZK1XC South Cook Islands
MHz CW SSB RTTY MFSK16 PSK31 PSK63 PSK125 JT65 JT9 T10 FT8 Hell SSTV FM Other Total
1.80 000000000000000
3.50 100000000000001
5.30 000000000000000
718 12000000000000030
10.19 000000000000009
14106 114400000000000001250
180 000000000000000
21126 1340000000000000260
24.90 000000000000000
2898 5770000000000000675
500 000000000000000
1440 000000000000000
4320 000000000000000
Total357 186800000000000002225

What a friendly welcome!
Clearing the customs: 5 minutes
Booking a room at the Tiare Village Motel: another 5 minutes
Licensing the next day: You guess, 5 minutes.
Setting up the station and antennas: Well, took us about 55 minutes ;-)

ZK1XC licence

Claudia at the operating desk

Cottage with antenna

Little recreation between pileups

Just one more beachside view

Downtown Avarua, the capital of the Cook-Islands

After we had to cancel our plans to visit the North-Cook-Islands,
these days there where no regular fligths, and the shipping company sold
one of their two ships and tried to move Manihiki atoll a bit more to the north with the other one...
Total of ships left = 0 :-(, we decided to move to Western-Samoa instead.
Fligth was booked (Well, 10 minutes this time) and off we went to 5W1.

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